ShopperTrak’s 2018 Must-Know Retail Technologies

by Bill McCarthy on 01-30-18

Got traffic? Then, check out this hand-picked selection of innovative, must-know retail technologies that we saw at NRF’s Big Show 2018.

At this year’s Big Show, the expo hall was buzzing with new, improved, and must-know retail technologies that are shaping the future of retail. But, let’s face it, that expo hall was packed — there’s no way that everyone could visit every booth. That’s why ShopperTrak has compiled this list that features some intriguing technologies that could benefit nearly any retailer, but especially those with an existing traffic solution.

Here are our team’s top picks:

AnyWhere, by Lenz

2018 Must-Know Retail Technologies

Powered by Apex Connect n’ Go technology, these “smart lockers,” if you will, provide retailers with a common-sense solution for better integrating online and offline shopping experiences: simply place the secure lockers in or outside your store to make pickups a breeze. With AnyWhere, any retailer can revolutionize ecommerce pick-up and returns, while keeping a close eye on shopper activity, via the use of real-time, multi-channel analytics.

Glass Media

2018 Must-Know Retail Technologies

Glass Media’s seemingly magical technology enables retailers to transform any storefront display into a virtually controlled, CMS-managed rotating window display. If finding the appropriate time to set up storefront displays is difficult, or the frequency at which displays rotate is less than ideal, lighting up storefronts with vibrant digital displays may be the solution for you.


 shelfbucks 2018 Must-Know Retail Technologies

We all know how difficult it can be to install promotional displays at the right time, in the right way. Shelfbucks, a promotional display tracking system, can help with efficiency, as it  tracks the set up of displays, from the storeroom to the selling floor. The Shelfbucks system can even send retailers reminders about which displays should go up and when, making it possible to say goodbye to confusion around delivery dates and merchandise location.


 2018 Must-Know Retail Technologies

Spacee’s virtual touchscreen technology uses “light technology” to transform any 2-D or 3-D surface into an interactive touchscreen. Space believes that interactive surfaces become exciting when “products and media are merged to create immersive interactive experiences.” Imagine this technology creating a non-intrusive way to provide customers with shopping essentials — such as, product details or inventory availability.

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