Shopping Patterns: Super Saturday Retail Foot Traffic

by ShopperTrak on 12-15-15

On Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas, shoppers flock to stores and eagerly search for last-minute gifts.

On what is projected to be the second busiest day of the 2015 holiday season, what can retailers expect? Where do opportunities for increased sales exist?

ShopperTrak’s aggregated Super Saturday data from 2012 – 2014 reveals that the most densely populated time of day, for any type of retailer, is from 2 – 5 P.M. During each hour of this period (e.g., 2 – 3 P.M.), more than 10% of the total daily traffic is in the store.

While this trend holds true across all U.S. regions (i.e., Northeast, Midwest, South, and West), the trend is especially pronounced in the Midwest, as the region statistically sees the highest concentration of shoppers during the  2 – 5 P.M. period.

Super Saturday Graph

Further, it’s important to note that Super Saturday 2015 falls nearly an entire week – 6 days, to be precise – before the Christmas holiday. This leaves more time for procrastinators to delay shopping, and it may result in a spike in visits and sales during the days immediately before Christmas (Dec. 21 – 24).

To best prepare for the second busiest shopping day of the year, retailers should review individual store data and compare it to historical trends. From there, leveraging the data to plan an optimal shopper-to-associate-ratio (STAR) throughout the day is key. Finally, do not underestimate the value of preparing associates for the crowds by letting them know what to anticipate and offering advice on how to best engage with shoppers.

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Shopping Patterns: Super Saturday Retail Foot Traffic Shopping Patterns: Super Saturday Retail Foot Traffic Shopping Patterns: Super Saturday Retail Foot Traffic