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Regional Shopping Trends During “Back to School” Season

by Kevin Kearns on 9-19-14 in Industry Trends

This Back-to-School season, U.S. shoppers hit the stores early, with 51.8% of shopper visits occurring during the first two weeks of August, according to ShopperTrak’s Market Intelligence benchmarking product.

Shopping Trends by Season

The “early” trend was mostly ubiquitous, but several stark regional trends occurred, as well. In the South and West regions, shopper visits peaked in the first week of August. In the Midwest, the second week of August was the busiest shopping week of the season.

The Northeast region was the sole exception to shoppers going to stores early, with 53.1% of store visits occurring in the latter half of the month. This trend could be related to school start dates, as many schools in the Northeast begin after Labor Day.

So what does this mean for retailers?

People tend to go shopping the week prior to the start of the school year. Store managers should pay careful attention to when school starts in their local areas and staff up the week before to ensure that they have the labor to meet the increase in foot traffic. Likewise, if marketers want to execute regional campaigns to capture shopper visits, they may want to time them around local school start dates. Running a promotion the second week in August may not be as effective in Atlanta as it is in New York. Retailers who are able to anticipate regional differences and plan back to school promotions and staffing accordingly can use this insight to gain a big advantage next year.

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