What Does Your Storefront Say About Your Business?

What Does Your Storefront Say About Your Business?


First impressions matter. Storefronts can attract or repel customers instantly. In fact, results from a recent study performed by Morpace say that 52% of customers have avoided a business altogether because it looked unappealing. In order to capitalize on pass-by traffic and drive sales, pay attention to the following factors that affect customers’ first impressions: appearance, promotions, and employees.

Appearance: Today’s retail customers claim that the physical appearance of a business affects whether they will shop there. To optimize your store’s appearance, you should stay on top of daily cleaning tasks. There are four main areas to focus on when considering a store’s aesthetic: the floors, the odor in the store, the dressing rooms, and the bathroom.

Promotions: Front-of-store advertising and pop-up sales are key to attracting potential customers and should not be overlooked. Window advertisements attract pass-by traffic. Once inside the store, a customer might notice other items. ‘Buy one get one’ is a huge marketing trend right now and promotions like these do a great job of driving sales.

Employees: All too often, people complain to friends and family about an unfortunate encounter they had with an employee. Whether they were blatantly rude or just didn’t care to help them, word-of-mouth travels fast. It is no surprise that “one good employee can draw in 100 customers… [while] one bad employee can drive away 100 customers.” Hire passionate employees who are interested in learning about the store’s products and engaging with customers.

Overall, store managers need to know that it is critical for their storefront to have a respectable appearance, attractive promotions, and passionate employees, as these factors greatly influence whether pass-by traffic transforms into actual, in-store opportunities.

For more information on how to increase more traffic, check out the success stories of three retailers who are expertly leveraging location-based marketing to encourage shoppers to buy.

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