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Three Critical Factors Strengthen the Omnichannel Shopping Experience

by Kevin Kearns on 4-22-16 in Industry Trends

Today, more than 50% of shoppers perform online research before visiting a store to make a purchase. At a time when retailers may be seeing a decline in traffic, it’s imperative that every one of these shoppers converts into a buyer upon arrival in the store. Ideally, these shoppers should check out with more than they’d intended to purchase initially.

Capitalizing on the omnichannel shopping experience can be a challenge and there are three critical factors that retailers should master:

  1. Knowing the precise location of all products within the store
  2. Mastering the upsell
  3. Allocating staffing resources effectively

lululemon, a global athletic apparel company, recently made great strides toward mastering all three of these influential factors when the retailer employed new technologies, such as RFID tags, to improve its omnichannel shopping experience. The efforts yielded inventory accuracy levels of 98% and significant growth in in-store revenue.

Check out lululemon’s story, which is featured in a current issue of RFID Journal,to learn more about how the retailer leveraged multiple technologies to decrease labor costs, increase operational effectiveness, and strengthen the omnichannel shopping experience.

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