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The Connected Shopper

by Kevin Kearns on 1-20-16 in Technology

A journey through a shopper’s experience using in-store Wi-Fi

When shoppers connect to your Wi-Fi, it’s important for you to connect with them, as well. Opening up your Wi-Fi network builds loyalty, improves sales, and delivers demographic and consumer behavior data that might not otherwise be captured.

Picture yourself as a shopper:

You are in a mall, looking for the perfect jeans. You walk by a storefront and are drawn in by the window display. As you walk into the store, you look down at your phone to see if they offer Wi-Fi. You’re happy to find their network name and see that it’s free, so you tap to connect.

Connected Shopper 1

You’re on. A “Welcome” screen appears and you’re given an in-store coupon. You find the perfect pair of jeans and, before checking out, decide to browse for a shirt to complete the outfit. Why not? The discount is good for today only.

Connected Shopper 2

Since you’ve opted to stay in touch with the retailer, you notice that they send you an email with a coupon to come back and get 20% off your next purchase. A few weeks pass and you return to use it.

Eventually, you go back again and buy more. On this third visit, when you enter the store, your phone lights up with a message saying, “Thanks for being loyal! Enjoy 30% off today for making your 3rd visit!” You’re surprised and delighted to be recognized and rewarded for your loyalty. In fact, you share your story on Facebook and Twitter, in the hope that your friends can enjoy the same great shopping experience.

Connected Shopper 3

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make Wi-Fi available with a branded, secure login page today. You’ll be glad you did.

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