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The Evolution of Retail Traffic Counting

by Chetan Ghai on 10-6-15 in Technology

Visual merchandising. Virtual merchandising. Endless aisles. Digital catwalks. Memory mirrors.

Retailers are investing millions in new technologies to enhance the shopper experience and increase sales, putting a digital flare on in-store shopping. However, you still need an answer to the age-old question: does it work? More specifically, are the investments you’re making toward improving the in-store experience truly effective?

The answer lies in traffic. By now, you know that the bedrock of reliable consumer insights starts with knowing how many shoppers enter your space, and when. Traffic is counted at the entrance and used as the baseline for developing insights. To take a deeper dive into how many shoppers visit a specific area or understand movement patterns, mobile-dependent technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are used to capture signals and produce a sample of your traffic size.

But let’s say you need a concrete total count – not a sample – of visitors within a zone. And, let’s say you want to know the stopping power of your high-tech display, and need the total number of foot traffic to a specific point within that zone. How could you do that?

As product displays evolve to increase customer engagements and sales, so should the way we count traffic.

And it has.

With the latest advancements in retail traffic counting, stores can now measure traffic anywhere through intelligent floor sensors and receive granular insights on consumer behaviors in physical spaces. The pressure-sensitive mats translate foot traffic into real-time data, helping retailers analyze occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times in order to increase conversion and improve ROI.

While there are endless use cases for leveraging “smart mat” technology, below are the top scenarios where we think it could make a significant impact:

  • Count total shopper entrances to non-traditional brick-and-mortar stores, such as store within a store, mall kiosks or temporary stores.
  • For the first time ever, count traffic, engagements and dwell time at high-involvement displays, such as virtual catwalks or endless aisles.
  • Compare how many shoppers engage with your displays versus don’t.
  • Capture insights into foot traffic patterns, helping you reevaluate your store’s optimal layout.
  • Test and measure product displays across store locations to understand the most effective product placements by demographic.

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