BOOST Lead Referral Program for LP or Inventory

Designed by Tyco Retail Solutions to encourage the sharing of leads between its Global Traffic sales team and Tyco IS&S/TRS sales.



BOOST is a comprehensive Lead Referral Program which will ensure Global Traffic sales members are well-compensated for Loss Prevention or Inventory leads they identify and refer to the IS&S/TRS team. The program also encourages a reciprocal approach where members of the IS&S/TRS sales team will be compensated for passing leads to the Global Traffic Business for traffic solutions.


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The program has been designed to:

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BOOST Lead Referral Program for LP or Inventory

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we making this change in the retail go-to-market strategy?

Shopper behaviors and preferences are changing, and we must proactively help buyers of Traffic Solutions address these shifts to achieve profitability. Traffic solutions require a specialized, consultative approach, so we have formed a dedicated Traffic Analytics business to ensure we are completely aligned and effective in serving these customers. The Traffic Analytics business is designed to be an inclusive solution provider – from product development to operations to sales - to ensure a singular focus on helping customers increase conversion rates and optimize labor efficiency.

Will I earn sales commissions on traffic analytics sales going forward?

Sales team members who are part of the global traffic analytics business will earn their normal commissions on all traffic analytics sales. IS&S and TRS sales team members will participate in the new Boost Lead Referral Program which compensates individuals for identifying and referring traffic analytics sales leads to the global traffic team. This approach allows the IS&S and TRS sales team to focus on Loss Prevention, Inventory Intelligence, and Safety and Security solutions and to drive sales effectiveness, while properly recognizing referral activity. Additionally, Global Traffic sales members will be providing the IS&S and TRS channel with leads, increasing the overall opportunity pipeline.

How can I be sure the leads I submit as part of the new Boost program are being managed and monitored?

The status of all leads will be updated and tracked in the Global Traffic business’ instance of by the Global Traffic Sales Rep. Their Sales Operations team will provide monthly reports for open referrals made.

Does the focused sales approach affect departments other than sales?

Nick Pompa, leader of the Global Traffic business, has developed a business model where the customers can receive the end-to-end solution they need to be successful. This means that there will be direct functional reporting within the Global Traffic business.

How does this affect the traffic customers I already have?

Our goal is to minimize disruption to current deployments and relationships. The initial transition will only affect new traffic customers; we are working with the sales leaders to plan the transition of current customers on a case-by-case basis.

What will happen to TrueVUE Traffic?

We have many important customers using TrueVUE for traffic analytics today and will continue to support the TrueVUE platform for traffic, inventory intelligence, and loss prevention solutions for the foreseeable future. ShopperTrak and FootFall will be the lead traffic analytics platforms going forward, but TrueVUE traffic will be used to meet customer deployment and reporting needs in specific circumstances and for those customers adopting multiple Tyco retail solutions.

Does the Global Strategic Accounts group fall in to this model?

The TRS Global/Strategic Accounts team, which is managed by Tony D’Onofrio, will jointly compensate the Global Accounts and Global Traffic salespeople for sales of traffic solutions into strategic accounts.

Other than my sales manager, where can I send questions?

We have set up a web page where you can submit questions. We will be monitoring that site frequently, and will be distributing responses monthly via an FAQ document. Click here.