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You keep a close eye on your traffic trends and notice visits fluctuated over last year. You might not understand why the change happened, and it is nearly impossible to know if your competitors experienced the same. How can you assess your stores' performance against the industry?

Store Performance

Understand what share of traffic your stores are getting.

Performance Comparison

Compare your performance against your industry on a local, regional or national level.

Real Estate & Leasing

Access geo-based traffic trends to research new store locations or real estate expansions.

How it Works

Market Intelligence

ShopperTrak's Market Intelligence product is unlike any other benchmarking tool, providing year-over-year trend analysis and shopper visit data at the national, regional and zip code level for total retail, apparel & accessories, and wireless & electronics categories. It also provides data at the national and regional levels for outlet malls and luxury retail categories.

Counting over 40 billion shopper visits annually in 100+ countries and territories, ShopperTrak is uniquely positioned to provide insight at the macro-and micro–level.

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Learn how ShopperTrak’s market intelligence data can help you increase store traffic, conversion and transaction size.

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