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Your associates are on the sales floor willing to help shoppers, and stay busy setting up new displays and organizing merchandise. However, you notice a trend: many visitors walk in your store but leave right away. How do you know what will keep shoppers in the store longer and how can you create a better shopper experience?


Know how often and why shoppers enter and leave without buying.

Zone Performance

Understand shopper experience from a holistic store view down to a specific product display.

Dwell Time

Discover how long shoppers linger in an area and how to convert them into buyers.

Optimal Layout

Based on movement patterns, discover how you can enhance your floor plan.

How it Works

shopper experience technology

Improve Customer Experience

Enhancing the in-store shopping experience begins by understanding how many shoppers come in your store using People Counting. Based on your needs, we'll then take a technology-agnostic approach leveraging Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, BLE iBeacons, pressure-sensitive floor mats and more, to help you understand what is happening inside your retail space.

understanding the shopper experience and abandonment

See It In Action

Gain insight into the impact of shopper abandonment in a retail environment and learn how ShopperTrak can help measure customer opportunity, reduce abandonment and increase retail sales.

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