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Download the Playbook to learn how shopper traffic data helps:

  • Unlock insights to your store’s potential
  • Efficiently schedule seasonal staff to maximize your budget and conversions
  • Optimize merchandising decisions
  • Measure promotional effectiveness

Learn How to Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

Labor Optimization

Ensure your staffing plans can be adjusted from insights. Develop store staffing schedules based on traffic forecasts. Know when it is best to use marathoners and sprinters. Differentiate selling time and store tasks time so that store schedules are evaluated before the busy season sets in.

Compare to Competition

ShopperTrak’s Market Intelligence tool shows you retail traffic data trends in various markets with the ability to drill down to localities that matter to you. Understanding how your store traffic compares to the local market is key to adjusting other efforts to increase your visitor count.

Drive Conversions

ShopperTrak Analytics can provide invaluable insights to ensure store operations are able to deliver the optimal customer experience resulting in higher conversions. Our Customer Success Managers and Retail Consultants are experts at translating data into insights that drive outcomes.

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