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Big Data, Big Impact.

Get the big picture and discover opportunities.

Market Intelligence gives you visibility by providing year-over-year trend analysis and shopper visit estimates for hundreds of geographies and multiple categories. By knowing shopper visit trends from the macro (national) level down to the micro (zip code) level, retailers can better:

  • Assess Marketing Effectiveness
  • Evaluate Store Performance
  • Improve Real Estate Decision Making

Retail Market Data

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Identify Trends
Identify Trends

Identify and act upon market trends quickly to capture more shopper visits.

Benchmark Shopper Visits
Benchmark Shopper Visits

Understand whether your changes in traffic are due to the market or your own efforts.

Take Action
Take Action

Assess marketing effectiveness and make swift adjustments to improve results.


10 New Categories

We now have category benchmarking for footwear, women’s apparel, family apparel, wireless, jewelry, housewares, and home furnishings,and more! More categories offer retailers greater context regarding store performance as compared to direct competitors.

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