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Enhance the Shopper Experience with shopkick

ShopperTrak and shopkick have joined forces to motivate at-home to in-store purchases leveraging the latest BLE technology. Now, you can inspire, engage and increase loyalty among new and returning shoppers, with data and insights to support your sales along the way.

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  • Motivate shoppers to learn about, visit and move around your store
  • Convert new shoppers into loyal customers with customized perks
  • Optimize your mobile marketing with shopkick’s 13 million users
  • Get comprehensive insights on engagement, behavior and more

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Increase Sales and Drive More Foot Traffic

53% have made unplanned purchases at a shopkick partner store. While 44% of users visited shopkick partner stores more often after using the app.

Personalized Messaging
Personalized Messaging

Mobile notifications allow you to communicate with your customers and get them into your store.

Shopper Behavior
Shopper Behavior

Discover how your customers move throughout your store, where they linger, and where they buy.

Customer Loyalty
Customer Loyalty

Turn first-time customers into repeat ones and increase the frequency of their visits and spend by improving the store experience.

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