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ShopperTrak is proud to announce their new Innovation Lab in San Francisco!

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Big Data? Big Impact!

We’ve added 10 retail-specific categories to our Market Intelligence solution.

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Shoppes at Mandalay Place

See what ShopperTrak customers have to say about our solutions!

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ShopperTrak is proud to be named one of Built in Chicago’s top 100 companies.

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Seeing who walks through your doors is just the beginning

When you fully understand your customer, you begin to see the bigger picture of what’s going on in your business. ShopperTrak’s best-in-class perimeter analytics leverage traffic, labor and sales data to optimize your marketing and operational effectiveness. Armed with these insights, you can measure, monitor and modify your efforts.

Draw Them In.

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Marketing Effectiveness. Are your marketing programs capturing walk-by traffic?

Power Hours. When are your store’s busiest hours and are you taking advantage of them?

Foot Traffic. Is your store getting its share of foot traffic?

Staffing. Does your store have the right shopper-to-associate-ratio?

What's Their Path & Why?

Understand your customers’ shopping patterns in order to enhance their in-store experience. Learn More

Formats & Layouts. Which areas attract the most shoppers?

Zone Analytics. Are the areas with the highest traffic your best performers?

Dwell Time. Are your shoppers spending the right amount of time in the right areas?

Did They Buy?

Increase conversion by making sure your operations are efficient and your customers get the assistance they need. Learn More

Queue Management. Is your checkout process costing you customers?

Sales Intercept. Are your sales associates enhancing the customer shopping experience?

Merchandising. Is your merchandising successfully increasing your transaction size?

Bring Them Back.

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Consumer Insights. What drives your customers’ behavior?

Loyalty. How do you turn first-time customers into repeat ones?

Abandonment. Are shoppers leaving your store before they buy?

Take Action

ShopperTrak provides actionable insights into consumer behavior, enabling you to increase revenue.

Uncover Opportunities

Our engagement team is here for you, helping you discover opportunities that have proven ROI. Find out more about how our team can help you drive results throughout your organization.

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Analyze Your Data

Whether you need to perform in-depth analyses or simply want to understand key metrics at a glance, ShopperTrak’s flexible reporting platform delivers instant access to compelling, actionable insights.

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