About Us

ShopperTrak is the leading global provider of shopper insights and analytics used to improve retail profitability and effectiveness.

Retailers rely on ShopperTrak for the most comprehensive and integrated solution for accurate retail store traffic counting, interior analytics and industry benchmarking.

ShopperTrak helps retailers answer questions such as, “What’s my hourly selling opportunity?” and, “How can I leverage that opportunity to its fullest potential?” or, “How are my employees engaging customers?”

ShopperTrak also provides unique data benchmark tools that help retailers understand their performance in context of the market – at national, regional, and local levels. This means ShopperTrak can even help you answer such questions as, “Which of my stores are capturing the highest share of market traffic?” and, “Where are my greatest opportunities for improvement?” 

Why ShopperTrak?

Over 750 global brands, regional retailers, mall owners and financial institutions rely on ShopperTrak services every day. ShopperTrak is utilized by retailers in over 60,000 locations across 90 countries and territories.

ShopperTrak provides: