Performance Analytics

Boost performance to increase traffic, conversion and customer spending per visit.

Understand the power of retail performance metrics to make better decisions.

ShopperTrak simplifies and synthesizes huge amounts of data into powerful information so you can take action.

ShopperTrak can tell you:

  • Which are my top performing stores?
  • Where do I have the most opportunity for improvement?
  • What should my target conversion rate be?
  • Where should I focus my marketing efforts?


Unlike the competition, ShopperTrak has a team of dedicated engagement managers, who work closely with you on an ongoing basis. You’ll learn how to drive these retail performance metrics throughout your organization, receive key insight into your data, and discover how to take the right action for your business.

Resource Download

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    Promotion Analytics

    Dynamically compare your promotions against your competitors’ online and in-store marketing campaigns by type.

  • retail-kpi

    Market Intelligence

    Understand your retail performance in comparison to your industry sector at the local, regional and national levels.

  • marketing-analytics

    Marketing Effectiveness

    Identify which marketing efforts drive the most traffic and determine the cost per incremental shopper.

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    Insights and Reporting

    Gain instant access to insights with ShopperTrak’s powerful, web-based business intelligence tool. Everyone from executives to associates can easily see compelling, actionable insights designed for their role.

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    Enterprise APIs

    Get easy access to your perimeter and interior analytics through our robust set of enterprise APIs. Integrate this powerful information into your existing solutions or build your own custom applications.