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The “Amazon Effect:” How Data and Analytics Help Retailers Compete

In a recent article with Retail Information Systems (RIS), ShopperTrak’s Chief Product Officer, Chetan Ghai, wrote about how traditional retailers might benefit from taking a cue from the retail behemoth, Amazon. Ghai’s piece, The “Amazon Effect:” How Data and Analytics Help Retailers Compete, lays out best practices for retailers looking to learn from what Amazon...

by Kevin Kearns on 1-11-16 in Industry Trends

What Amazon Dash and Drones Mean for Retailers

On April Fool’s Day, Amazon launched the Amazon Dash Button—and it was no joke. Amazon has partnered with 18 CPG brands to quickly deliver household favorites with the press of a button. Because Amazon Prime customers have personalized accounts, the product simply arrives, like magic, on their doorstep within two days—eliminating the need to run...

by Kevin Kearns on 4-20-15 in Industry Trends

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