The "Amazon Effect:" How Data Helps Retailers Compete

The “Amazon Effect:” How Data and Analytics Help Retailers Compete

by Kevin Kearns on 1-11-16 in Industry Trends

In a recent article with Retail Information Systems (RIS), ShopperTrak’s Chief Product Officer, Chetan Ghai, wrote about how traditional retailers might benefit from taking a cue from the retail behemoth, Amazon.

Ghai’s piece, The “Amazon Effect:” How Data and Analytics Help Retailers Compete, lays out best practices for retailers looking to learn from what Amazon gets right, a seamless path-to-purchase. It also offers advice on how to leverage technology and analytics to compete with online retailers in a way that Amazon cannot: by “providing an engaging, in-person experience in the physical store.”

Read the whole piece here.

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Kevin Kearns is the Chief Revenue Officer at ShopperTrak, where he oversees the professional services and marketing department, as well as the global sales and sales operations teams. He previously served as the Chief Sales Officer, where he was responsible for leading global sales and customer service operating in over 90 countries.

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